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Using core files

When code crashes on BGL, usually you'll get core.<process id> files, which are plain-text stack traces. You can figure out where your code crashed by using addr2line -e <exe> <address>. You get the addresses from the "function call chain:" section at the end of the core file.

function call chain:

Jim Edwards wrote a perl script to automatically spit out a full stack trace for a given binary; it is located at /contrib/bgl/bin/ You need to compile and link with the '-g' flag to get the proper routine names.

Example: test.exe core.0

Monitoring stack and heap usage (memmon)

The memmon library is at /contrib/bgl/lib/libmemmon.rts.a, with a README at /contrib/bgl/memmon/README.

Memmon allows you to trace and view stack and heap usage in your code. These functions are provided:



void memmon_trace_on(int *rank_p)

void memmon_trace_off(int *rank_p)

void memmon_print_usage()

Compile your code with these flags, depending on the compiler you are using:

  • xlc/xlf: -qdebug=function_trace
    gcc: -finstrument-functions

Link with -L/contrib/bgl/lib -lmemmon.rts

If you just link with memmon and do not add any of the memmon_ function calls, memmon will watch your memory usage and exit if the stack overwrites the heap.

If you add calls to memmon_trace_on and memmon_trace_off in your code, memmon will print memory usage at the entry and exit of each funtion surrounded by the memmon_trace_on and off functions.

entering somefunc, min free mem: 508.58MB, stack min: 0x1ffaa728 (somefunc;entry), heap max: 0x00316000 (somefunc;entry)
exiting somefunc, min free mem: 508.58MB, stack min: 0x1ffaa728 (somefunc;entry), heap max: 0x00316000 (somefunc;entry)

Calling memon_print_usage() anywhere in your code prints out a message like this:

Min Free Memory: 508.58MB, stack min: 0x1ffaa728 (somefunc;entry), heap max: 0x00316000 (somefunc;entry)

Note that memmon shows the maximum (not the current) stack and heap usage in the program at the point where the routine is called.

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