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(warning) Note: Frost has been moved out from behind the CryptoCard firewall, as of 10/22/2006. You may ssh directly to either or which will still use your CryptoCard for authentication.

After your account is created, you also need a CryptoCard to login to Frost.

  • Use ssh to login with your UCAS username and password to
  • Wait for the CryptoCard Challenge prompt, then enter your PIN on your CryptoCard, hit ENT, then type the number that appears on the card at the CryptoCard Challenge prompt.


$ ssh
gatekeeper password: ********
Token_Response:: ###-####

If you experience issues with your gatekeeper password, please refer to this page on verifying or changing your UCAS password:

If you receive the 'Token_Response' multiple times in a row, try to resynchronize your cryptocard:

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