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Many tasks:

  • Met with Electrician Tom and showed him the plug we need for CLAMPS.  He should be able to get it installed before CLAMPS arrives on 12 July.
  • Fully extended TT around 11:00 and left it (guyed) that way.  Noted that the tower near the balloon inflation shed is the same height, so not worried about aircraft
  • Reinstalled soil sensors about 11:30 – also training for Chris
  • Removed the previous extension cords that initially were providing power to TT
  • Matt did Leica scans of all the sensors, using a GPS-based coordinate system!!!
  • Isabel added ISS to the Ubiquiti network, which broke the ISFS link temporarily.  She'll probably be adding a separate blog post about this.


  • shoot boom angle the old way with a compass, just as a check on the Leica data
  • work up the Leica data
  • recheck soil data coming in
  • at some point, take some soil cores?
  • keep on thinking about whether to lower TT
  • place a warning label on the power supply in the job box

John S and Liz also were on site working to get 449 working.  They thought they'd get it running before they left today.

P.S. Since tt wasn't up, Isabel rebooted, but data weren't coming in.  When typing "pio -v" to see the setting, pio killed power to the Ubiquiti, so it is off the net again.  I'll return to the site at the end of the day to restore the pio settings - we really need to fix this command...


  1. Interesting that you saw data wasn't coming in. Just after rebooting it I checked data and all the sensors were reporting...

  2. Steven Oncley AUTHOR

    This was using dashboard from FLAB – saw all red X for each channel.

    After I've rebooted and pio'd out there, data seem okay using dsp, though now dashboard doesn't connect at all.  Maybe I was chasing the wrong problem (though pio -v did turn off the Ubiquiti).

    I also shot the "boom" angle using an inexact compass as the vector along the legs of the bottom uprights.  I got 168 deg magnetic, or 176 deg true.  We tried to align the trailer with the line of old tower bases, which is nominally E-W, so the boom angle should be close to 180 deg (pointing to the South).  (Google Earth shows the line of towers at 269 deg, or one degree off of the intended E-W line.)