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LTR 2.1.0

December 8, 2010


  • LTR-2_1_0.tar.gz (Login required; email schmitt <at> ucar <dot> edu for an account)
    md5 checksum: 7f037e69bd6e40884d9ec9cc7b431092
  • Accessible via SVN (login required)
  • Upgrade instructions:
    • Note: You should be able to re-use any prerequisites built for a previous LFM-MIX release.
    • Extract the code to LTR-2_1_0
    • copy your Make.$MACHINE file into LTR-2_1_0/env/
    • Follow the compile instructions on the Download page.


  1. This code requires the most recent version of InterComm-1.6. The InterComm developers have been stuck on version 1.6 for the last 3+ years. However, the contents of the package have been evolving. This means that version 1.6 from 3 years ago will not work, but the version 1.6 you download today will. Make sure you upgrade your copy of InterComm or MIX will seg fault!
  2. The build system and workflow to configure & run the models have changed. Experienced users will discover that this is not reverse-compatible with prior versions of the code. New users should discover that it's quite easy to configure & run the models. See the change log for details & instructions.

Change log

  • Repository revision: r1467
  • Changelog:
    • LFM-MIX v1.x has been replaced by LTR v 2.x.
    • For a complete list of changes, see the LTR-2.1.0 roadmap.
    • New top-level build system (See Download and GettingStarted pages to learn how it works)
      • Compiling installs binaries to LTR-2_1_0/build/bin
      • New HDF Startup generator: mkLfmStartup. Deprecates make_from_ut
      • Make It So will create appropriate startup HDF files and prints instructions on how to start a run
    • CMIT updates & bug fixes
    • Updates test/tutorial system.
      • removed LTR-2_1_0/runs/
      • added LTR-2_1_0/test/CODE-NAME
    • Updated wiki documentation
    • Soft release of Python Solar Wind preprocessor. This will eventually replace the Perl & IDL solar wind scripts.
    • Various bug fixes
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