With the release of CESM 2.2 users will have the ability to create and use variable resolution spectral element grids that are suited to their research needs. A fundamental limitation for adding custom grids has been that the grid information and all related data files for supported CESM grids reside in a readonly repository that users cannot modify. To address this limitation a research group can now create, maintain, and share a local repository containing the grids and related data tailored to their needs. Files that are not specific to the model grid are still obtained from the CESM repository unless the user specifies otherwise.

A number of steps, and a fair amount of trial and error, are required to create a new configuration of CAM-chem with a user-defined grid. 

These steps are outlined in:

The above documents cover: 

This video of the 12-Feb-2021 tutorial describes these steps.

The MUSICA Tutorial Session on 14-Jan-2022 provides additional tips and describes updates to the grid generation tools.

See Tips and FAQ for more guidance. 

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