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NextGen Network Enabled Weather (NNEW) is part of an interagency effort to provide quick, easy, cost-effective access to weather information for all weather users. NNEW will define and provide the FAA’s portion of the 4-Dimensional Weather Data Cube (4-D Wx Data Cube), an infrastructure that will enable common, universal access to aviation weather data. Through the Cube, users will have improved access to timely and accurate weather information, supporting improved decision-making and enhancing safety.

The 4-D Wx Data Cube consists of (1) weather data published in various databases within the FAA, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and Department of Defense (DoD), as well as commercial weather data providers that may participate; (2) registries/repositories needed to locate and retrieve published data; (3) the capability to translate between the various standards that will be employed to provide data in user-required units and coordinate systems; and (4) the capability to support retrieval requests for data volumes (e.g., the area along a flight trajectory). A subset of the data published to the Cube will be designated the Single Authoritative Source (SAS). The SAS will identify the preferred data source that should be used to support collaborative air traffic management decisions and ensure that decisions are based on consistent data.

Although NNEW will provide basic reference software to its users as examples of how software clients can make use of the 4-D Wx Data Cube, it will not develop a definitive user interface for accessing and parsing the Cube's data. Rather, the Cube will output information in standardized file formats, and NNEW will provide documentation with the information necessary to create custom software that adheres to those standards.

The NNEW Wiki provides documentation and software related to the program planning and prototyping phase of NNEW. The contents of this site do not constitute final implementation or design for the FAA NNEW program. If you are new to NNEW, please visit the Introduction to NNEW page for an in-depth description of the Program and its goals. Alternatively, you may select a destination from the links below, or use the navigation bar to the left of each wiki article.

Development Timeline


  • Introduction – Provides an overview of NNEW in terms of its parent initiative, NextGen, and introduces the 4-D Wx Data Cube: the end product the NNEW Program is tasked with developing.
  • Goals & Strategies – The goals of the NextGen and SWIM programs, and the strategies NNEW has devised to reach those goals.
  • Members – Brief introductions to each of the contributors to the NNEW Program, as well as lists of relevant employees.
  • Collaboration – A look at the outside groups and organizations collaborating with NNEW.
  • Timeline – An overview of the NNEW Program's projected development cycle.


  • Requirements – The defining requirements of the 4-D Wx Data Cube.
  • High-Level Architecture – A high-level perspective of the software architecture underlying the 4-D Wx Data Cube. Not yet available.
  • Data Models/Formats – Overviews of Data Modeling, Ontologies, Formats, and Metadata, and details on how each concept applies to the 4-D Wx Data Cube. Includes links to data models and rundowns of data formats considered for use in the Cube.
  • Data Access Services – An introduction to the concept of a Data Access Service and their related Registry / Repositories.
  • SOA Infrastructure – Overviews of the three core components that support the 4-D Wx Data Cube's SOA foundation: Security, Monitoring, and Quality of Service. Not yet available.


  • Capability Demos – The end-of-fiscal-year demonstrations NNEW provides to its sponsoring organization and the public, showcasing snapshots of the Program's development.
  • OWS Demos – Demonstrations assembled for viewing as part of the OGC Web Services event. Not yet available.
  • Other Demos – Demonstrations the NNEW team has assembled that fall into neither of the above two categories. Not yet available.


  • Ref. Implementations – Links to released versions of the WFS and WCS reference implementations developed by NNEW's member organizations.
  • Tools & Utilities – Links to various tools and utilities developed by NNEW's member organizations. Not yet available.
  • Downloads – A repository for all downloadable content available elsewhere on the Wiki, centralized for easy access.


  • Glossary of Terms – Descriptions of various terms, phrases, and acronyms used throughout the NNEW Wiki.
  • Standards – A rundown of all major standards currently in use by the NNEW Program.
  • Documentation – A central repository for all publicly released documents related to the NNEW Program.

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