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  • 20170816 Meeting Notes
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Kick-off meeting for JFM 2017 data processing

Decided to run same processing as was done for 2016

We will run surface (METAR/mPING/MRMS) and upper-air (PIREP) comparisons for opHRRR and HRRRx

  • Tracy will focus on surface processing
  • Tressa will focus on upper-air processing

We will concentrate on i12 f00-15 opHRRR

  • Greg things we can look at 3 hourly 3, 6, 9, 12 (opHRRR vs obs) and hourly 01, 02, 03, 06 for comparison between opHRRR and HRRRx to look at impacts of DA
  • Mei will rerun TLE with opHRRR only and we will do a few comparisons
    • v1 - current setup of TLE
    • v2 - change weights (reverse)
    • CF? no for now (another option to TLE, not supplement)
    • v3 - spatial weight calibration?
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