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  • 20170905 Meeting Notes
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Tracy will finish pulling the JFM 2017 METAR data

Jamie pulled and processed the MPING data last spring (should be ready to go!).

MRMS data is pulled for gcorr and ptype

Still need to run gen_vx_mask scripts on HRRRx (Tracy) and opHRRR (Michelle)

Michelle will email Tressa to get her PIREP scripts to add to the repo (any README or instructions for the wiki?)

Updates needed for scripts:

  • Remove opNAMnest
  • Update to met-6.0 (Michelle can ask John to compile under project space) - John will work on this (tuvok:/d1/CODE/MET)
    • DONE on 09/06/2017: Compiled in tuvok:/d1/CODE/met-6.0
      • Requires this setting: setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH /usr/local/netcdf/lib
  • Update MET config files to v6.0
  • Make sure not to use MR threshold
  • Get rid of FULL in all configs and stat analysis

Tracy delete all metprd data on the HPSS (/taiwin/metprd) and re-archive metprd, add stat analysis output, and mask data (data run through gen_vx_mask)

Michelle will do grid-to-grid vx – changed to do a MODE comparison

  • Start with categorical ptype (potentially add MR later); will need to update config logic for fcst field (probably don't need to do QPF but can consider it later)

Tracy will do grid-to-point vx

  • CONUS, EAST, WEST, and previously defined sub-regions (no FULL)

METAR+MPING plots of obs spatial distribution

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