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  • 20170919 Meeting Notes
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archived METAR 2016, HRRRop and opNAMnest metprd, mask data for rain/freezing rain - she will also delete this data to save space

pulled METAR data for 2017 with John's updates

finished HRRRx data pull

ran gen_vx_mask on HRRRx and HRRRop data

(There is a list on the wiki of HRRRx data is missing)

updated config files (added subregions and updated for v6.0)

will share config files and try to start running in the next few days

will take a look at the xmls for batch plots and update as necessary (get rid of MR thresh), update the svn repo as necessary and delete files that are no longer needed


finished updates to repo (trunk includes latest, 2016 is a tag)

started running a few cases with MODE - will share once she decides gets closer to finalizing

set up a config file and a wrapper script - categorical rain (all categories) and snow

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