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Algorithm outputs changed precipitation type reports of freezing drizzle and ice pellets. If a preciptation type is read in and the algorithm does not change the type, no output will be written.

  • Typically, output includes freezing drizzle and ice pellets (pristine) pytype
  • Occasionally, reports of freezing rain will be output (however, usually that ptype is the same as what is read (thus unchanged) unless an observer overrides the ASOS report)
  • The output is 1-minute ascii data with updated ptype information
  • Greg's db is only METAR reports (usually hourly, occasionally sub-hourly)

Algorithm does the following:

  • Reads in 1-min ASOS data from all sites and uses fields including ptype, prate, sky cover, visibility, temp but not wind and pressure, humidity to determine a ptype

Scott will provide us with ascii files for 1 Jan - 31 Mar 2016


Scripts for processing:



  • Read in ascii file provided by icing group (/d1/TAIWIN_VX/data/FZDZalg/LatLong_All_FZDZ_May25Run.txt) that is in this format:

KAAO, 2016-01-19 18:48:00, 37.75, -97.217, FZDZ

KAAO, 2016-01-19 18:49:00, 37.75, -97.217, FZDZ

and output (/d1/TAIWIN_VX/data/FZDZalg/LatLong_All_FZDZ_May25Run_reformat.txt) it in the 11-column format that can be read in by MET's ascii2nc (same format as the METAR/mPING data):

ASOS_FZDZ KAAO 20160119_184800  37.75  -97.217 -9999 255 -9999 0 0 2.0000

ASOS_FZDZ KAAO 20160119_184900  37.75  -97.217 -9999 255 -9999 0 0 2.0000


  • Read in reformatted data and run through ascii2nc to create hourly netcdf files (/d1/TAIWIN_VX/data/FZDZalg/MET_nc)
  • Output

txt_file: /d1/TAIWIN_VX/data/FZDZalg/MET_txt
nc_file: /d1/TAIWIN_VX/data/FZDZalg/MET_nc


  • Output

opHRRR: /d1/TAIWIN_VX/output/metprd/opHRRR

opNAMnest: /d1/TAIWIN_VX/output/metprd/opNAMnest/



  • Output: 



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