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Kickoff meeting (Nov 2015) - Slides from Scott

20160106: Discussed focus of project

 20160128 : Discussed Greg's Icing Pairs

20160210: Discussed monthly telecon with FAA; Tressa and Greg to talk about options for enhancing POD information

20160217: Discussed Greg's WRF extraction code with Mei

20160308: MH/JKW stepped through extractField_2nc_nam_jkw.ncl

20160309: Group meeting to discuss processing data and obs; vx methods

20160316: Discussed up-coming FAA visit; Stan's early release WAF paper

20160321: Meeting with FAA VX SLIDES

20160330: Discussed pull 3 months worth of data to start processing

20160413: Begin processing data that was pulled

20160420: Continue processing to prepare for 3 month analysis

20160427: Met w/ Greg and discussed where we are at with data process; look into wrf_extract a bit

20160504: May the 4th be with you! (Status overview for FAA meeting on 5/5)

20160511: Starting some vx - finally!

20160518: Using mPING data with point-stat

20160525: Results from 3 months of grid-stat and point-stat + where to head next

20160601: Ideas sent to Scott for next year

20160608: METAR processing

20160623: Update on reprocessing for RWgt0 or RWle0; Modified metv scripts to run batch plots for mPING and METAR output

20160713: Slides for Icing Workshop; Task division for analyzing plots

20160727: Analysis underway!

20160817: Final report discussion; running stat-analysis for  specific subregions and station ids

 Final report for FY15

20161024: MICRO/TAIWIN meeting re: Use of PIREPs

20161110: ICICLE Science Plan discussion

20161116: Verifying aloft conditions - ideas

20170112: Greg's presentation of AMS results

20170119: Discussion on PIREP vx and HIRA framework

20170208: Data for JFM 2017

20170816: Kick off or 2017 data processing

20170822: Discussion regarding data processing for surface (METAR/mPING/MRMS)

20170905: Discussion on surface verification (METAR/mPING/MRMS)

20170919: Status updates on MODE and point_stat

20170926: Status updates

20171024: Status updates

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