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Statement of Work

Fiscal Year Tasking

2017 activities

Relevant publications

Evaluation of cold-season preciptiatin forecasts generated by the hourly updaing HRRR model: Ikeda et al.

mPING publications:

  1. mPING: Crowd-sourcing weather reports for research: Elmore et al. 2014 BAMS
  2. Verifying forecast precipitation type with mPING: Elmore et al. WeaFcst 

Sources of uncertainty in precipitation type forecast: Reeves et al. 2014 WeaFcst

Classification of precipitation types duirng transitional winter weather using the RUC model and plarimetric radar retrievals: Schuur et al. 2012 JAMC - Winter surface hydrometeor classification algorithm (WSHCA)

Explicit precipitation-type diagnosis from a model using a mixed-phase bulk cloud-precipitation microphysics parameterization: Benjamin et al. WAF 2016

Multi-radar multi-sensor (MRMS) Quantitative precipitation estimation - Initial operating capabilities Zhang et al. BAMS 2016

Discrimination between winter precipitation types based on spectral-bin microphysical modeling Reeves et al. 2016 JAMC


Project machine (tuvok)

System notes:

  • TAIWIN project page: /d1/TAIWIN_VX
  • Relevant software components: /d1/CODE

Model datasets



Observation datasets

mPING data: General information, archived csv datafile (Dec 2012-Mar 2015), pytpe collapse options

MRMS data: Pull data from NOAA HPSS

METAR data: Pull from Greg's database

PIREP data: Pull from Greg's database

Freezing precip algorithm: Output from Scott's algorithm

Meeting Notes

Ongoing log of detailed notes explaining tasks in progress/completed.


Vx Results - Tressa

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