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Metadata in the UCARConnect repository use Achievement Standards Network (ASN) identifiers to tag resources with alignments to education standards and learning objectives. ASN provides open access to standardized machine-readable representations of learning objectives published by education agencies and organizations including the World Meteorological Organization, Next Generation Science Standards, and Common Core State Standards. UCARConnect metadata including LAR and nsdl_dc accept ASN standard identifiers as the preferred method to indicate standards alignments.

Working with ASN Standards

  • ASN Standards Browser - Browse the ASN Standards to view and explore national and organization standards.
  • UCARConnect Catalog System - The UCARConnect Catalog System uses ASN standards when cataloging alinements. Groups that are managing a collection in the cataloging tool can select ASN standards in the editor when creating or editing their metadata records.
  • UCAR's ASN Resolver Service - UCAR websites and applications may use the ASN Resolver Service to assist in the use and display of ASN standards in websites and applications. The ASN Resolver Service is a REST-style API that resolves ASN identifiers to their textual form and provides the parent/child hierarchies for each standard to aid in the construction of standards browsing trees. It caches data from the ASN to improve response time and reliability and to reduce the load applied to the ASN servers.
  • ASN Toolkit - ASN provides a suite of free and fee-based services designed to help you integrate learning outcomes into your website and applications. Full standards downloads in RDF/XML or JSON formats are available for free.



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