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The Search API allows developers to search for resources in the UCARConnect and DLESE digital library repositories and build customized search and browse interfaces for a variety of applications. Search queries operate over both the content of the resources and all related metadata.

The API is built on an index of terms, compiled and accessed using the Lucene search engine, and results are returned in ranked order by relevance. In cases where there are more than one record in the repository for a given resource (URL), the API automatically groups these together to form one result for each match (duplicate results are avoided). The API uses a REST-RPC hybrid approach to accept requests expressed as HTTP argument/value pairs and respond with structured data in XML or JSON format, allowing developers to embed and reuse UCARConnect resources using a wide range of technologies such as JavaScript, PHP and JSP.

What's Happening

The Search API is used to power the UCARConnect resource catalog web site and the Digital Library for Earth System Education (DLESE), UCAR partner sites, and supply resources to a number of other ed-tech applications.

See it in Action

The API base URLs is:

User Interfaces implemented with the API:

Get Involved

  • For suggestions, questions, and more information, please send your inquiry to UCARConnect via the contact form.


Search API Client Template

  • Search API Client Template Code, a customizable HTML/JavaScript client that provides essential search features for resources, facets, and collections. Use the client as a template to embed and customize search on any Web site.

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