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data—plural (singular is the archaic "datum"), but when treated as a collective noun it takes a singular verb. Data have been gathered from multiple sources (as individual measurements); The data is being processed (as a whole unit).

database—one word 

data set—two words

dates—Use the standard U.S. system for dates: month-day-year. Example: January 30, 2004, was the start date (note the two commas and their positions). For PSAs, write as the announcer will speak it: January 30th, 2004. See also "years."

DC—direct current; always abbreviated

decision-maker, decision-makingin all uses and positions. But note that policymaker, policymaking are always closed up.

decimals—Use 0 before the point, except in statistical correlations (and even there if it would look peculiar without it, e.g., use –0.45, not –.45).

degreesAlways spell out first use in NCAR|UCAR News stories: minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit. In reports and other uses, write the degree symbol closed up: 30°N (in nontechnical/outreach writing, 30° north), 30°F. Do not use "degrees" or the degree symbol for the Kelvin scale: 280 Kelvin, 280 K. See also "Kelvin scale." 

degrees, academic—Bachelor of Arts degree, but bachelor's or master's degree or doctorate (lower case); B.A. or M.A. or Ph.D. in physics (discipline is lowercase). Either initials or spellouts are fine on first use.

deice—no hyphen.

Denver Cyclone

design, logo—See the downloadable files and design standards for using NCAR and UCAR logos for web and print on this wiki.


Dicomed—the manufacturer; initial cap only

dictionary—Currently, we follow (in this order) The American Heritage Dictionary, Third Edition. As supplements, use Webster's Third New International Dictionary and McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms. We use Webster's Instant Word Guide for syllabification.

direct current—DC (always abbreviate)

directors (laboratory vs. NCAR associate)—see "Associate directors, NCAR."

disclaimer—See "sponsorship statement."

disk—not disc, except for "compact disc" (which is an industry-wide spelling)

distributed-memory shared-multiprocessor architecture. Hyphenate this way.

dollars—See "money."

Doppler—always takes an initial cap.

downwind—takes the preposition "from," not "of"

D-region, D1-region, D2-region (also E- and F-regions and layers)—all hyphenated

dual-Doppler (adj.)

dry line (noun); dry-line (adj.)

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