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gamma—a unit of magnetic field equal to l0-5 gauss

gamma-ray (adj.)

Gandalf Data Communications—the manufacturer; initial caps only

gas-phase (adj.)

gauge (measuring device)

Gaussian—is capitalized (gauss, the unit, is not)

general circulation model—all lower case

general-purpose (adj.)

generic plurals—Use lowercase according to the Chicago Manual of Style. Example: "....departments of Defense and Homeland Security." Or "....Mississippi and Minnesota rivers."

Gflops—gigaflops; billions of floating-point calculations per second.

GIF—graphics interchange format. Should be capitalized.

GISS—Use Goddard Institute for Space Studies (NASA). See also "GSFC."

good-bye—Spell this way.

graph scales (ordinate and abscissa)—abbreviate units given in parentheses. Avoid negative exponents where possible. See Numbers. [revised 2/00]

grid—Do not use "5° grid squares" (they are not necessarily squares); use "5° grid areas" or something similar.

ground-based (adj.)

ground speed—two words

GSFC—Use NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. See also "GISS."

Gulfstream V—Always mention HIAPER on first use: The NSF/NCAR HIAPER Gulfstream V. No hyphen — neither when spelled out nor when abbreviated on second use: the GV [revised 09/2016].

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