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gamma—a unit of magnetic field equal to l0-5 gauss

gamma ray (n.); gamma-ray (adj.)

gas-phase (adj.)

gauge (measuring device)

Gaussian—capitalized (gauss, the unit, is not)

general circulation model—all lower case (because generic)

general-purpose (adj.)

generic plurals with proper nouns—use lowercase: ....the departments of Defense and Homeland Security ...the Mississippi and Minnesota rivers

Gflops—gigaflops; billions of floating-point calculations per second. Never drop the final "s," which stands for "seconds"

GIF—graphics interchange format. All caps except as part of a file name.

GISS—Use Goddard Institute for Space Studies (NASA). See also "GSFC."

graph scales (ordinate and abscissa)—abbreviate units given in parentheses. Avoid negative exponents where possible. Also see "Numbers"

grid—Do not use "5-degree grid squares" (they are not necessarily squares); use "5-degree grid areas" or something similar.

ground-based (adj.)

ground speed—two words

GSFC—Use NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. See also "GISS."

Gulfstream V—Always mention HIAPER on first use: The NSF/NCAR HIAPER Gulfstream V. No hyphen — neither when spelled out nor when abbreviated on second use: the GV. (per EOL, as of 2016). Mention the "High-performance Instrumented Airborne Platform for Environmental Research" soon thereafter, whether inside or outside parentheses is optional.

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