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H-alpha—hydrogen-alpha (scientific/greek symbol: Hα); spell out both on first use; then H-alpha as appropriate. Do the same for hydrogen-beta and hydrogen-gamma. 

hailfall—one word, by analogy with rainfall

headings—Use AP sentence style for all titles heads, and subheads. A heading that includes a colon takes an initial cap after the colon. Example: Zooming in: Winter beauty. For print publications, choose section heading styles and maintain a style sheet to assure consistency.

HIAPER—Always use on first mention: The NSF/NCAR HIAPER Gulfstream V. No hyphen — neither when spelled out nor when abbreviated on second use: the GV.

humidiometer—synonym for hygrometer, equally common

HYPERchannel—Spell this way. A high-speed local area networking system, esp. for supercomputers, manufactured starting in the 1970s by Network Systems Corporation, no longer in production. 

hyphen—Use for phone numbers, document section numbers, and other analogous situations.

In print publications:

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