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Avoid line breaks between a single initial and a name (e.g., J. Krause). A break is acceptable if two initials are given (e.g., J.B. Krause) or if the first name is given in full (James Krause). A name may be divided if a logical place to do so exists (L. Wain-right).

Avoid line breaks between numbers and abbreviated units (e.g., 12 km, 500 mb, 234 pp.).

Avoid line breaks between day and month (12 January, 12–15 January); breaks are acceptable between month and year (January 1969).

Avoid line breaks between the two parts of an expression that includes a descriptive number or letter (Type IV, Fig. 2, Nimbus F).

In references, issue numbers should not be separated from volume numbers, [e.g., J. Atmos. Sci. 44(4) cannot be broken between 44 and (4). If no issue number is given, the volume number should not be carried over alone, e.g., J. Atmos. Sci. 44 cannot be broken between Sci. and 44.

J. in a journal title should not stand alone (e.g., J. Phys. Chem. cannot be broken between J. and Phys.). If J. is at the end of a journal title and is followed by a volume number, it may be separated from the rest of the journal title (e.g., Astrophys. J. 34 may be broken between Astrophys. and J., so that J. 34 is taken to the next line of text).

See also "hyphenation."

Word commands:
to create a nonbreaking space: Control + Shift + space bar
to create a nonbreaking hyphen: Command + Shift + hyphen

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