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names—On first use, give first and last name; afterwards, use only the last name. For NCAR staff, use what's in the phone book unless the person requests otherwise.

In lists of names that are in all caps, it's preferable not to cap the "r" in "Jr." or the "c" in "McCarthy," e.g., unless it's necessary to do so for machine sorting. Last names consisting of two words (such as van Loon) can be spelled in all caps with no loss of readability.

See also "titles."

NASA—no longer spelled out in any context [to aid memory, that spellout is National Aeronautics and Space Administration]. Its centers are treated as follows: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA Ames Research Center (no slash or hyphen). [08/01]

nautical mile—convert to standard mile (1.15) or km (1.85). See also "knots." [02/2000]

Navy—capitalized; U.S. Navy

NCAR—Except in news releases, you never have to spell it out in NCAR pubs.

NCAR Graphics package—copyrighted in this form

NCAR-Wyoming Supercomputing Center—NCAR-Wyoming takes a hyphen (not en dash). Since each individual letter is pronounced, include the article "the" in front of the initials for all public audiences: the NWSC. [08/2012]

near real-time (all uses) Also note: real-time (as preceding modifier, but "available in real time") (updated 2016)

negative exponents—Avoid where possible. See Numbers.


the Netherlands

news releases—write dates as month, day, year (March 16, 1988, not 16 March). Preserve the last comma before "and" in a series; we do not follow AP style (see also "AP style"). [revised 2/00]

Nimbus—for the satellite, initial cap only; arabic numerals are used for flight numbers (Nimbus-6)

no.—abbreviation for "number." Cap only at beginning of sentence, etc.

nose boom—two words

NOx—NO + NO2 (very reactive species that dominate atmospheric chemistry). Scientists don't always use NOx and NOy consistently. Some call all oxides of nitrogen NOx, for example. So it's best to ask. [revised 2/00—CR]

NOy—total odd nitrogen (NO, NO2, N2O5, N2, N2O, HNO3, HNO4, ClNO3, and probably others.) See also NOx. [revised 2/00—CR]

NSF acknowledgment—See "sponsorship statement."

number—abbreviated no. Also see Numbers section.

numbered lists—See "lists, numbered or lettered."

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