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UAV—see unmanned aerial vehicle, below.

UCAR—Use alone, rather than UCAR/NCAR, whenever practical.

UCAR member institutions—Refrain from using "UCAR universities," since some members (e.g., Woods Hole, Scripps) aren't universities. See current list.



under way—two words

UNEP—United Nations Environment Programme (preserve the European spelling)

Unidata—This is not an acronym.

UNInet—a national data-transmission network

United Kingdom—use England, Scotland, Wales, etc. for people or places in one of these political subdivisions of the U.K. (include periods in abbreviation). But use "the United Kingdom" within a list of countries (e.g., "Canada, Russia, and the United Kingdom). [revised 2/00]

university names—Do not use "The" with names, even when they do (The Johns Hopkins University). Otherwise, follow their style (e.g., State University of New York at Stony Brook but University of California, Berkeley). Always give full name on first use; if you want to abbreviate, follow standard rule for abbreviations and acronyms. Note that "University at Albany, State University of New York" is the preferred name for the university formerly known as SUNY-Albany. The spellout for a multicampus institution takes an en dash, e.g., University of Wisconsin–Madison, but hyphenate UW-Madison. [updated 02/02]

units of measure—normally given only once: between 5 and 7 km; at 80, 50, and 30 mb. See also "metric units," Abbreviations.

UNIX—all caps (computer operating system). But note Linux takes initial cap.

unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)—Use "remotely piloted vehicle" or "robotic aircraft" and, where appropriate, add "also known as an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)." [10/10]

upwind—takes "from," not "of": upwind from the site

URLs—For print and online media, when a URL begins with "www,", drop "http://"  ( For URLs that do not contain "www," preserve "http://" ( Always drop the final slash (not [08/10]

U.S.—Use adjectivally (the U.S. contribution to this experiment) but not as a noun (the United States will provide).

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