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Vaisala—can be Vaisala Finland or Vaisala Inc. (U.S. subsidiary)

valence—Give single valences as Li+, 0-; two: 0=, Pb2+; three or more: 03-, Pb3+; etc.

Van Allen radiation belts—cap V and A

vectors—bold face; the vector V

Velcro—trade name

velocity-gram—takes a hyphen

versus—abbreviate vs. (with period) [revised 2/00]

vice-president—Use the hyphen in all positions when referring to a UCAR vice-president. But the vice president of the United States. [revised 2/00]

video tape—two words if it refers to the kind of tape (as opposed to magnetic tape)

videotape—one word if it refers to a video tape recording

viewgraph—the common noun. Vugraph is a trade name.

vis-à-vis—Always include the accent.

vol.—lower case

volcano names—capitalize when "Mount" does not appear in the name: Redoubt Volcano, Pavlov Volcano, but Mount Spurr volcano, Mt. Pinatubo.

von Kármán—Include both accents.

vs.—versus (with period); not in italics [revised 2/00]

Vugraph—a trade name. Use viewgraph for the common noun.

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