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Gary and I went to the Marsh today to move Mote #1 from site 15 to site 9. At 15 the TP01 PIC board
was removed since the sensor is not working correctly. It will be taken back to Boulder for  for repairs.
The NR01 domes were cleaned.
At site 9 the cleaned NR01 along with the soil probes were installed. The mote was connected to port 7.
At the site the tsoil was not coming in. The PIC board may be bad so Andy will bring out a few spares.
We also went to site 1 to clean the NR01 domes.

Gary will make the necessary mods to the config for port 7 at site 9.

Soil sensors at 9
HFT - 103638
Qsoil - 14
Tsoil - 4