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We left about 10:30 this morning to go into the Marsh. We had to go the long way but that was good since it
 was Andy's first trip. We visited 2 sites. Site 13 to replace a bad TRH probe and site 9 to measure the
height of the NR01 and to replace the Tsoil PIC. Due to some complications (see below) we went out again
in the afternoon. 

Site 13 - The TRH probe appears fine. The problem was the SHT75 transducer. There was a fair amount of
                corrosion on the transducer.  TRH61 was replaced with TRH11.

Site 9 -   The height of the NR01 is 166 cm. We were going to replace the Tsoil PIC but I had forgotten to change
               its calibration coefficients to match the probe in the ground. So we decided to go back to the base to have
               lunch then deal with the PIC.
               After lunch I discovered that the original PIC, #04, had its coefficients all set to zero. This explains why the
              response from the sensor was -0.01 for all temperature levels. I was able to restore the coefficients. Andy
              and I then went back out to install TS04 PIC board. Everything worked as expected. It is a mystery to me about
              the coefficients getting set to all zeros.