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A post check of the TRH probes was completed.  The temperature pre-project calibration was from  40o C to -30o C in 5o C steps.
The post project check for temperature was the same. For humidity the pre-project calibration covered the range of 10% to 90%, 10% steps,
at 4 temperatures; 40o C, 27o C, 14o C, and 0o C. For post project check the probes were tested from 40% to 90%, 10% steps, at 23o  C.
This range was selected since it represented the conditions the probes were subjected to.

The table below presents the errors of the probe. The error term is computed as: err = probe - reference



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  1. TRH026 being 0.7C high explains why the field readings were about 0.6C high (and thus, why this sensor was replaced).  We'll include this bias in post-processing.

    TRH059 biases determined from field data were 1.8C (rather than 2.7C) and -7.8% (rather than +2.3%).  Neither fit the data very well.  In particular, it is obvious that RH.42m was too low in the field data, so a positive bias does not work.  Thus, for this sensor, I'm going with field estimates of the biases.  Alternately, a variation in bias suggests that there might be a gain issue as well???