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My status reports have noted issues with 4u and 8m.

8m: By just playing with offsets, I'm able to get better looking profiles by adding 0.3 m/s to dat("u").  As yet, I have no justification for doing this.  Tom wondered about flow distortion around the etherant, but this seems only a remote possiblity after looking at it today.  The next step would be to move the etherant.

4u: At 09:10 on 20 July, tc on this jumps by 0.25 degC.  I can see no evidence of a similar step in any of the wind components.  Tom confirmed that an upwind sensor might have been "bumped" by a ladder at this time, but his recollection was that it was one at the southwest end, whereas 4u would be at the northeast end.  I don't see any reason for further action with 4u.