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The config3 transition yesterday went:

1. Move the east horiz array up 3 slots.   (This measured at ~4.87m for the top of 5b's boom to the base plate.) [started ~0600]

2. Move the west horiz array up 3 slots.

3. Move 6t and 6b up.

4. Move 12b up.

5. Move 5.5m and 4.3m up to ~5.8m and ~4.8m (also T/RHs) [done by 0830]

6. Tear-down upwind and move to staggered upwind, sequence 11u -> 3u [done by 1230]

7. Remove upwind bases [1530-1630] 

When we started to build config 3, we measured 3.254m from the config 3 reference line  to the top of 5b's boom (of course, after raising it to its position).  New measurements for other sensors:

6t: 3.252m

6b: 3.250m

12b: 3.275m

(I didn't record new measurements of the 2 profile sensors.)

All of the upwind sensors were set to 3.261 = 3.254+0.7 to the top of the clamp +/-1mm.

P.S. The reference height mark #3 is 15.2cm below the mark for #2. 

P.P.S. Some spacings:

5t  133.4cm  6t  127.4cm  7t

5b 133.7cm  6b  127.8cm  7b

11b 128.3cm  12b  132.0cm  13b