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To follow-up on the leak check yesterday (which showed a slow leak), I repeated this test today:

1033 P=1004.88 (pinched off)

1034 unpinched Pref (so I could read pressure easily) P=1007.29

1037 installed tee, P=1007.32

1038 blew in, P= 1029 dropping

1039 pinched entire array, P=1025 still dropping

1041 tighten tee, P=1021.5 still dropping

1043 pinched off 11b P=1018.9, still dropping

~1100-1113 reseated both reservoir endcaps with more Teflon tape and plumbers' grease.  Was able to screw in at least 3 whole turns more (due to grease lubrication)., P=1007.29 (had been open to outside)

1114 blow in, P=1048.3, dropping slowly

1117 P=1046.9, dropping slowly

1119 open 11b, P=1046.6, no obvious change in rate of dropping

1120 open entire array, P=1046.3, again no obvious change

1127 disconnect tee

1129 back to normal, P=1007.27

1134 backfill hole (again!) P=1007.6

Conclusion: reservoir had leak with 10min constant due to not-completely-seated endcaps.  They are now seated better, with a much smaller leak (though the decrease in P could have been moderated by a change in temperature, that should have increased P).

We still have the wind correlation to investigate...