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John and I started some preliminary work on array4:

- x-y dimensions from middle of east rohn tower to baseline pins for new tripods 10u, 7u, and 4u:

4u, x=3.055-1/2 rohn tube diam, y=7.778-6.379

7u: x=3.053-1/2 tube, y=9.066-6.379

10u: x=3.050-1/2 tube, y=10.374-6.379

Better estimates of y: 10u-7u= 1.288, 10u-4u=2.585

Existing 7u tripod is set up ~21.5cm upwind of baseline 7u pin (intended to be double the distance between mast and tripod center tube centers).

Confirmed that tripod 7u azimuth is close to perpendicular to crosswind line.

Shot array 4 reference to 7u tripod and east rohn tower -- ref 4 is 4.0cm above ref 3 (closer to ref 2).