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We plan to change from array 3 to array4 tomorrow.  Currently 60 hours, with 13 unstable for array3 (since Steve&I leveled it).

No <major> issues known.  <minor> issues are:

- The sonic that is now at 8m (formerly 7m) appears to have been high.  We'll replace it during the reconfig.

- Sonic at 5t appears to have top arm bent (though data look okay in daily plots?)  We'll replace it during the reconfig.

- Pressure system has pref that varies with heat convection -- presumably real.  We've been measuring pref using one of the 14 p' transducers (11b) so that this "error" can be removed from the data.

- We also have an independent 15th p' sensor, but it is only being recorded at coarse resolution at 1sps.

- Humidity on the TRH at 5.8m is still a bit odd, but it has been a very low priority.  (Steve and I already swapped sensors once.)

Wish us luck on the reconfig beginning at 6am tomorrow!  We'll start by dropping the horiz array and then split into two groups to work on both the horiz array and upwind array reconfigurations.  John and I tried erecting a trident today (without sonics) and it went <okay>, though we're still a bit nervous about adding an extra 50 lbs and $24,000 to it...