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Starting 06:00 today, John, Khuong, Lou, and I started the reconfig to array 4.  This marks the end of array3.

- shutdown all adams except profile

- dropped horiz arrays

- split into 2 teams:

S&K: shifted sensors to east array; set EMT/up-guy system on bottom 13 [note new sonic installed for 13b; 5t replaced since array appeared bent]

J&L: dropped upwind 3-8

- lunch

S&K: mostly installed Pref tubing; moved downwind1&pressure1; cabled east side of array; rerouted power&e-net to upwind

J&L: dropped upwind 9-11; roughly placed trident tripods

Left at 18:00 -- turned downwind1&pressure1 to check, but array is still down.

A long day, but we're on schedule...

Still to do:

- horiz array:

    - cable west side

    - drill holes to set top EMT boom guys

    - raise and attach top boom guys

- tridents:

    - level/orient tripods

    - build last 2 trident masts

    - add sonics

    - erect

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