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Today I finished a first edit of the AHATS sonic data, putting NA's in the cal_files when the 5-minute averages of the sonic diagnostic variable exceeded ~0.5.  During the first configuration, these usually occurred simultaneously on all channels of one of the four sonic adams, suggesting that the adam could not keep up with data ingest when there were transmission problems back to the base.  After the first configuration, simultaneous problems on all channels of an adam occurred less frequently and with smaller 'diag' values.  Then most of the high 'diag' values were associated with the beginning or end of a period of lost data.

 For configuration 4, after August 8, sonic 6u had recurring continuous periods in the middle of the day with 'diag' values between 0.05 and 0.1.  I did not edity these out because it would have removed a significant fraction of the data from 6u during configuration 4.