Essential Principle: Solar energy drives many atmospheric processes. (Second Chance)

Facilitator:  Becca Hatheway;  Online Participant Liaison:  Rob Payo

Participants in attendance:  Wendy Abshire, Susan Gallagher, Joe Moran, Ira Geer, Sarah Shoedinger, Peter Schultz, Rhonda Spidell,  Chris Donovan
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Session begins  2pm

Attendees are reviewing the FCs from Session 2B plus Goddard's version of EP #2 and adding their sticky notes to sheets for each of the separate FC's listed.  People are also looking at the original EP and adding their comments as well.  

Online Viewers:  Feel free to look at the attached version ppt for your comments.  You can also go back to the conference web page and scroll down the schedule to look at Goddard's listing. 

Online Viewers:  Please use the "Add Comments" button below to add your comments and suggestions.
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