Rudy had noted that Vmotes at ehs were dropping out.  It appears that this is an issue with RF transmission (even from one leg of the darkhorse to the other!).  I decided to bypass the whole radio stuff by wiring each of the motes as a serial mote.  This involved:

  • cabling from each DSM port to the mote console port
  • applying the pp=0 command to each mote (after first hitting the white scan button twice to enable the hardwired console)
  • changing the config to look at 3 serial ports

All this was done from about 1130 to 1200 today.  Now all is well except "ds" only reports data from tty9 (and not tty6&8).  This must be caused by my setting all the mode IDs to 0x8000, so data_stats is displaying just the last tty with this ID.  The data seem to be okay.

Other stuff:

  • took photos
  • used my GPS to "shoot" boom angles.  Got 146degN into the CSAT, 234degN into the 2D.
  • GPS station location: 40d 02.940'N, 105d 01.052'W.


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