Looking at the high-rate data for Qsoil.ehs I've noticed that the signal has a lot of dropped values. I would assume that would be a result of the moisture a couple days ago, but it seems to precede that event. The second plot is data from yesterday, the 29th.


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  1. I looked a little at the raw data from this mote.  In the piece of data I looked at, a 5 second data value of NaN was the result of a 2 byte integer value of 0x8000 for Qsoil in the mote record, which NIDAS converts to NaN.  In the sample data , the 5 second values immediately before and after were not 0x8000 but looked OK, giving a calibrated value of about 26 vol% as I recall.  So it does not appear to be the result of a voltage that is out-of-range of the A2D, but looks more like an issue with polling in the micro-processor, such that the data from the Qsoil mote was not available when polled.