Rudy just pointed out that at 18:00 today, data from everything on the BAO tower stopped.  I also note that I can't log in to flux.  Thus, it is either a total power outage at the tower, or something got messed up with eol-rt-data.


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  1. It looks, from the NOAA site, that it's a total tower power outage: I can't see the CU radiometer at the visitor center online, either, but its modem access is intermittent regularly. The remote access to the lidars has been down this past week, so I can't determine if it is a broader data outage.

  2. I can see that the SSH tunnel is down between eol-rt-data and the flux laptop at the BAO.

    Otherwise, things look OK on eol-rt-data.

    Without the tunnel through the NOAA firewall, I have no way (e.g. ping) to check things further.



  3. Steve Oncley AUTHOR

    This was just emailed from Bruce Bartram:

    Howdy,                                                               2015-05-26

    The breaker that provides power for the tower instruments
    and the network link to Boulder tripped some time about
    2015-05-25 00:12z.

    I reset the breaker and thing seem to be coming back to life.
    I can't reach the DSM logger at 300m and will see if I can
    visit it in the next half hour.

    The outage lasted about 42 hours.