Add the following to user_nl_cam:

 ext_frc_specifier      = '$species_name1 -> $path_to_vertically_gridded_emissions, $species_name2 -> $path_to_vertically_gridded_emissions'
 srf_emis_specifier     = '$species_name1 -> $path_to_surface_emissions, $species_name2 -> $path_to_to_surface_emissions'
 srf_emis_type          = 'SERIAL'

Make sure to add all the emissions you need. The example of default emissions can be found in CaseDocs/atm_in after a default build. Re-building the model will update the emissions to the new definitions. If you want to repeat emissions from one year over variable dynamics use:

 ext_frc_type           = 'CYCLICAL'
 ext_frc_cycle_yr       = $YYYY
 srf_emis_type          = 'CYCLICAL'
 srf_emis_cycle_yr      = $YYYY

 flbc_type              = 'CYCLICAL'
 flbc_cycle_yr          =  $YYYY

Another example is in the CAM6 user guide.

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