HEMCO is the Harmonized Emissions Component.  It is being implemented as a component for CESM, for use with CAM, CAM-chem, MUSICAv0, WACCM.

Getting started:

HEMCO in CESM, as of 2023-10-11:

Older version: Nov 2022:

  • Presentation by Haipeng Lin at NCAR on 9 Nov 2022: Slides and Video
  • Common error - 

    "Model cam missing file hemco_config_file = '/glade/scratch/hplin/2211_camchem_2.2_ne0korus/run/HEMCO_Config.rc.1'"
    - Please make sure to update user_nl_cam's hemco_config_file parameter to point to your own "run" directory in scratch! This is where the HEMCO_Config.rc and HEMCO_Diagn.rc files are downloaded to during the steps in slide 29.
    - Sample configuration files are available in https://github.com/jimmielin/HEMCO_CESM_configs/ and you may customize your own HEMCO_Config.rc file to specify emissions, following the slides and the HEMCO User's Guide: https://hemco.readthedocs.io/en/stable/hco-ref-guide/hemco-config.html.


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