See NCAR CISL’s New User Orientation for information on how to create an account on the NCAR supercomputer:

The Cheyenne supercomputer will be available until Dec 2023.  Derecho is now available for users.  Casper is the analysis computer.

All information can be found on CISL’s website above, but we want to highlight that opportunities exist for researchers, who are interested in testing out CAM-chem, with minimal effort. The following researchers can request small allocations on the NCAR supercomputer (up to 400,000 core-hours):

  • Graduate Students or Postdocs at a U.S. university

  • U.S. University Researchers with an NSF award - small allocations can be requested for each award you receive.

We encourage you to take advantage of these opportunities and more by visiting:

Collaborators: if you have a greater need, contact the ACOM staff you work with. If you are working with the ACOM HPC account, please follow the guidelines and request your estimated weekly usage.

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