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LGM compset

cd: /glade/p/work/jedwards/sandboxes/cesm1_1_2_rel03.LM/scripts >

 ./create_newcase -case /glade/scratch/$USER/b.e11.BLMTRC5CN.f19_g16.001 -res f19_g16 -compset BLMTRC5CN -mach yellowstone


  1. The tag is set for an 850 control case. Namelist changes are required to change to a transient case. (Remember to compare CaseDoc/[*]_in files against the 850-1849 segment of the LME, since forcing changed for many variables. (e.g., b.e11.BLMTRC5CN.f19_g16.002.850-1849)).  
  2. Namelists modifications for changing to transient cases are here: /glade/p/cesm/palwg/LastMillennium/Namelists. You can also find a summary listing here.
  3. SourceMods: /glade/p/cesm/palwg/LastMillennium/SourceMods (These are already incorporated into the tag)
HPSSpalwg_devruns need to be added to HPSS
FAQ need HowTo portion; links to SVN (at present, they are in cesm-models; they need to be copied to cesm-release. Add caveats on what is not supported, and what is.
descriptionpathURL or HPSS
co-chair notes from meetings/web/web-data/ccr/paleo/Notes/
Diagnostics.  CGD/CESM internal diagnostics. internet access is VPN controlled;  Creating new directories at the "B1850" level is controlled by root./project/diagnostics/internal/B1850
Webpages. Add new webpages here, under the appropriate model version (cesm1.1, cesm1.2, etc.)/cesmweb/html/experiments/cesm1.1/LM
Source.  All scripts and run directories are here 

LASTM = /glade/p/cesm/palwg/LastMillennium

cesm005 =

single variable formatted timeseries/glade/p/cesm0005/CESM-CAM5-LME/CCSM/csm/CESM-CAM5-LME
history files/glade/p/cesm0005/csm/$CASE/CCSM/csm/$CASE
run directory/glade/p/cesm0005/$CASE/run 
Run-time timeseries processing/glade/p/cesm/palwg/LastMillennium/tseriesREADME.ts
diagnostic scripts/glade/p/cesm/palwg/LastMillennium/ 

The namelists for all runs are here, with instructions under /glade/p/cesm/palwg/LastMillennium/Set_up_run

BLM Compset/glade/p/cesm/palwg/LastMillennium/CompsetThis still needs to be completed with Jim Edwards
SVN still needs completion  
LGM21kaWe still need to upload files to SVN. Not sure who the contact is now. Maybe Jay Shollenberger?


files: /glade/p/cgd/ccr/people/nanr/pmip3/lgm21ka/SVN-inputdata

LMEneed to collate and upload files

files: /glade/p/cesm/palwg/LastMillennium/SVN-inputdata (WIP)

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