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  • CCSM Data Management Plan
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section 1. Introduction - LB

section 2. Rationale - GS

section 3. The CCSM Data User Community - CS

section 4. Strawman Plans and Policies

section 4.1 CCSM Data Access - SM

section 4.2 Data Repositories for CCSM data - LB

section 4.3 Online Access to CCSM data - GS

section 4.4 CCSM Quality Control - MS

section 4.5 CCSM Data Retention - ZK

section 4.6 Long-term Stewardship of CCSM Data - ZK

section 4.7 CCSM data and metadata requirements - SY

Appendix A CCSM Run Categories

Appendix B CCSM Datasets

Appendix C CCSM Data tools


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