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Cosmic Radio Occulation Climate Science Breakfast Meeting

CDAAC-2 software development

CDAAC Data Users FAQ

How-to articles

Septentrio Configuration Procedure

File lists

CM-8 Information System Component Inventory

CM-9 Configuration Management Plan

CM-10 Software Usage Restrictions

CM-11 User-Installed Software

CP-1 Contingency Planning Policy and Procedures

CP-2 Contingency Plan

CP-3 Contingency Training

CP-4 Contingency Plan Testing

CP-6 Alternate Storage Site

CP-9 Information System Backup

CP-10 Information System Recovery and Reconstitution

IA-1 Identification and Authentication Policy and Procedures

IA-2 Identification and Authentication (Organizational User)

IA-3 Device Identification and Authentication

IA-4 Identifier Management

IA-5 Authenticator Management

IA-6 Authenticator Feedback

IA-7 Cryptographic Module Authentication

IA-8 Identification and Authentication (Non-Organizational Users)

MA-1 System Maintenance Policy and Procedures

MA-2 Controlled Maintenance

MA-3 Maintenance Tools

MA-4 Non-Local Maintenance

MA-5 Maintenance Personnel

MP-1 Media Protection Procedures

MP-2 Media Access

MP-5 Media Transport

MP-6 Media Sanitization

PL-1 Security Planning Policy and Procedures

PL-2 System Security Plan

PL-4 Rules of Behavior

RA-1 Risk Assessment Procedures

RA-2 Security Categorization

RA-3 Risk Assessment

RA-5 Vulnerability Scanning

SA-1 System and Services Acquisition Policy and Procedures

SA-2 Allocation of Resources

SA-3 System Development Life Cycle Support

SA-4 Acquisition Process

SA-5 Information System Documentation

SA-8 Security Engineering Principles

SA-9 External Information System Services

SA-10 Developer Configuration Management

SA-11 Developer Security Testing and Evaluation

MP-7 Media Use

PL- 8 Information Security Architecture

SC-1 System and Communications Protection Policy and Procedures

SC-2 Application Partitioning

SC-5 Denial of Service Protection

SC-7 Transmission Integrity

SC-10 Network Disconnect

SC-12 Cryptographic Key Establishment and Management

SC-13 Cryptographic Protection

SC-15 Collaborative Computing Devices

SC-17 Public Key Infrastructure Certificates

SC-18 Mobile Code

SC-19 Voice Over Internet Protocol

SC-20 Secure Name / Address Resolution Service (Authorization Source)

SC-21 Secure Name / Address Resolution Service (Recursive or Caching Resolver)

SC-22 Architecture And Provisioning For Name / Address Resolution Service

SC-23 Session Authenticity

SC-28 Protection of Information System At Rest

SC-39 Process Isolation

IR - Incidence Response Policy

IR - Incident Response Procedure

PE - Physical Environment Policy

PE - Physical Environment Procedure

SI-1 System and Information Integrity Procedures

SI-2 Flaw Remediation

SI-2 (2) Flaw Remediation

SI-3 Malicious Code Protection

SI-4 Information System Monitoring

SI-5 Security Alerts, Advisories, and Directives

SI-7 Software and Information Integrity

SI-8 Spam Protection

SI-10 Information Input Validation

SI-11 Error Handling

SI-12 Information Output Handling and Retention

SI-16 Memory Protection

PS - Personnel Security Access Agreements Procedure

DMS Build Notes

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