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Feb 05, 2015


John, Alan, Scott


Discuss progress updates


Alan gave an update on status of vaporgui prototype. He is currently working on integrating the isoline renderer and expects to be at a point where Scott and John can evaluate the usability of the new GUI next week. The code still needs to be cleaned and documented. John suggested holding off on documenting the "adding a new renderer process" until after the code has been reviewed and we're satisfied with the  architecture/interfacs


John gave an update on work on the DataMgr and VDC library. Slides are available here VDCV3UpdateFeb2015.pptx. The highlight is that a WRF to VDC translator now exists and the DataMgr is capable of supporting the resulting data.

Alan expressed concern about the schedule with the number of students we'll be hosting and our KISTI commitments. We agreed to discuss this issue further at our next meeting.

Action Items

Discuss 3.0 schedule and concerns about getting a working release outall