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Disaster Dynamics: Serious Games for Disaster Education

The goal of the Disaster Dynamics project is to create Serious Games that teach players about the interaction between natural hazards and human decisions.

The Hurricane Landfall Game

The game now has its own website!

You can go there to learn about the game, download and play it, and find support materials for students, instructors, and anyone who's interested in it.
Older HL links:

  • The main Hurricane Landfall page here on the swiki.
  • Player Feedback Questionnaire
  • DDHL Poster1.pdf The poster I presented at SGS '05.
  • dd-coffee-11-05.ppt A powerpoint presentation about the game.

    Other DD Products

  • Flow is a simple board game that demonstrates movement through a city during an extreme event.
  • WFCA is the WildFire Cellular Automaton: a simple computer model that simulates a wildfire in a forested area with houses.
  • Freeway is not a disaster dynamics game, but involves negotiation and consensus-building.

For More Information

This site is a swiki, a user-editable Web site that we are using to document the progress of the project as it happens. Information about the individual Disaster Dynamics games is available through the links above. For general information about the project and an overview of our objectives, read About the Disaster Dynamics Project.

Contact Us

Seth McGinnis is the primary developer on this project. Eric Scharff is (sadly) no longer at NCAR, but still involved with the project. Other contributers are listed in the Who's Who.
We welcome input from educators to make our games as useable as possible. If you are interested, please fill out our short Disaster Dynamics Questionnaire.

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