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Use Case Name

Gather Hardware Performance Metrics


To gather and report different Hardware Metrics.


  • Volumes
  • Bandwidth
  • High Water Mark for Cache
  • SRM
  • LASS (sub-setting and aggregations) (would this be a Use Case of the Lass application?  Where there would then be a Use Case of the Data Node to Harvest/Gather these metrics from the LASS application?  Then possibly allowing the ESG Portal to then gather that data from the Data Node?)
  • Memory Usage
  • Disk Usage
  • CPU Usage


Hardware Administrator

Candidate Use Case Summaries

Open Questions

Is this a Use Case for the ESG Portal Software? Or is this more of a Hardware Use Case? Important to record, but is it really part of the application/system? Part of the Data Node metrics Use Cases?


In order to support the capabilities described in this Use Case, a set of resources must be available and/or configured. These resources include data and services, and the systems that offer them. This section will call out examples of these resources.






Source System

dataset name

Remote, In Situ, etc...

e.g. - no cloud cover

Short description of the dataset, possibly including rational of the usage characteristics

USGS, ESA, etc...

Name of the system which supports discovery and access

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