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  • Project Scoping and Milestones for the Extended Flight Level Dataset
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First Objective: Deliver the Flight Level Dataset (1999-2012) to RPI Member Companies by February 1, 2014

Breakdown of tasks:

  • Dataset tasks:
    • Determine what additional data readers need to be written for 1999-2009 files.
      • Need to write reader for USAFR ASCII text formats prior to 2005 (highest priority).  DONE 09 February 2014
      • Need to write reader for NOAA ASCII text formats prior to 2005 (next highest priority).  DONE 09 February 2014
      • Need to check reader for NOAA NetCDF files prior to 2008.  DONE 09 February 2014
      • Need to write reader for standard tape format (mostly 2005 and 2006).  DEFERRED
    • Finalize data file structures for the dataset products.
      • Will the Level 1 and Level 2 data be written into the same file, or will these be kept as separate files? A: They will be kept as separate files. All of the data will be written together into a Level 3 data file.
      • Decide which variables to include in the final dataset product.  A: Everything.
      • Add metadata for all variables in L2 and L3. UPDATE: metadata will only be added for L3 output. L2 output will be considered internal and not a releasable dataset product.
    • Download data files for 1999-2004.    DONE 29 January 2014
    • Finish documentation.  
    • Step 1: Complete L1 data processing for 1999-2012.      DONE 10 February 2014 – includes 1997-2012.  
      • Data rescue is needed for several storms in 1999 - UPDATE 03 March 2014: HRD has provided 10-second files for most of these flights now.
      • Track files are needed for many storms 1997-2001-  UPDATE 03 March 2014: HRD has now provided tracks for some storms in 2001.
    • Step 2: Create earth relative plots for 1999-2012; do visual QC on these.  DONE 28 March 2014: QC plots have been made for 1997-2013. Christopher should finish QC'ing them in the next couple days.
    • Step 3: Finish all L2 parsing for 1999-2012.  DONE 28 March 2014: The parsing has been run for 2001 - 2013. Storms prior to 2013 do not have .trak files yet.
    • Step 4: Finish all L3 data file creation (with good radial legs) for 1999-2012.  DONE 02 April 2014: The radial output has been run for all storms with .trak files for 2001 - 2013. Some additional changes to the binning will likely be made, and metadata added.
    • If time permits also process 2013 and years prior to 1998. DONE 28 March 2014: Steps 1-3 have now been processed for 1997-1998 and 2013, expanding on the original range of years.

  • Other tasks:

    • Set up the flight portion of website for RPI members to access. UPDATE: the registration page is now set up and working. This section still needs some general documentation.
    • Work on interface to allow users to pull up the individual data for a particular storm.
    • Post quality control plots and other analyses. 
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