Got this email from Sebastian this evening (19 Oct).  See below that these cleanings were good.


I cleaned the radiometers and krypton - there was lots of bird droppings on the upfacing pyranometer. It took 3 kim wipes to clean it all up ...
I started at 15:45 with the radiometers and finished by 15:55 with the krypton. But looking at the krypton plot now I think I made it dirty instead of clean! Maybe I should give it another try in the morning?
It's dark now, so I hope NNE will last through the night. I'll go check on it tomorrow morning, or if it drops out at night.

Have a good night, too!


10/20: Effects:

- kh2oV 1.8 -> 2.2V

- drop(!) of about 8 W/m^2.  (P.S. Some morning and mid-day reductions in are now gone.  This appeared to have started between 12--14 Oct -- all at the same time.  This is consistent with Sebastian's comment about bird droppings, that would have shaded the sensor for high solar elevation angles.)

- no effect

- Rsw.out: drop of perhaps 2 W/m^2

- Rpile.out: no effect

- SPN1: so far, better agreement between and (though global does go higher at about noon) and between Rsw.dfs.flr and Rsw.dfs.near (though not much data, since I just restarted near).