This is a wiki and field logbook for the Manitou Forest Observatory. If you are associated with the MFO, you are welcome to contribute to this wiki and logbook.



Manitou Experimental Forest, US Forest Service


BEACHON Project, Southern Rocky Mountains, Summer 2008 Study

BEACHON-RoMBAS (Rocky Mountain Biogenic Aerosol Study). Summer 2011


BEACHON-ROCS google group


BEACHON-ROCS (Rocky Mountain Organic Carbon Study) 2010: space/power needs

BEACHON-ROCS (ppt planning document 03/2010)

BEACHON-ROCS data portal

BEACHON-ROCS field log book


BEACHON Manitou Web Cam
Turbulence Tower Plots (NCAR/EOL)
Turbulence Tower 5-minute Data, Ascii/NetCDF (NCAR/EOL) - Contact Ned Patton (patton at for access

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JPEG File DSCN6084.jpg Power and tower base Dec 09, 2010 by Steve Oncley
JPEG File DSCN6090.jpg Entire 45m tower Dec 07, 2010 by Steve Oncley
JPEG File 2009-07-17_132207_crop_small.jpg Aug 10, 2009 by Gordon Maclean
JPEG File 2009-07-17_110906_small.JPG Jul 24, 2009 by Gordon Maclean

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