Do you have or know of an exceptional online resource for science or math education? If so, we're very interested in adding it to the NSDL. New resources and collections are the life-blood of the library, and help to keep it a valuable and relevant tool for educators and learners around the world.

Having your quality educational resources disseminated by the library open it up to a much wider audience than might otherwise be possible. Every month, over 20,000 visitors browse the library not only because of the quality of the resources but also because of their discoverability. Teachers and learners can locate resources based on subject, grade level, educational standards alignment, and many more highly useful educational criteria. Not only do these criteria help with discoverability, they also allow educators to successfully embed the games, activities, videos, and other resources directly into their teaching workflow.

See the child pages below for more information about submitting an individual resource or entire resource collection, the NSDL policies which guide library scope, and the library's newest educational initiative, Learning Application Readiness.

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