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The NSDL Collection System (NCS) software is a Web-based tool that supports metadata management and cataloging for digital libraries. The NCS creates and manages collections of XML metadata or XML content within a data repository and is a flexible, XML-driven tool that provides a full-featured metadata editor, collection workflow processes, and a role-based permission system in support of distributed and collaborative collections management. The NCS can support any metadata framework defined by an XML schema and transparently writes metadata and collection-level information to the file system. An instance of the NCS is hosted at to provide cataloging services for a number of NSDL partner collections. The NCS software may also be downloaded for use locally.


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Current Work in Progress

  • inputHelpers - a generic mechanism for third-party plugins that help calculate a value for a metadata field. The SMILE project used this mechanism to integrate their "geo-footprint" tool, which helps users to create bounding box using google maps, and then inserts the bounding box values into the appropriate metadata fields.

Who is Using the NCS

Get Involved

  • For suggestions, questions, and more information, please send your inquiry to NSDL via the contact form



Note: The NCS should not be used with Java 7.0.45 and higher until further notice. This version introduces a change that breaks XML processing in the NCS.


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