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Got a late start due to my hotel hosts wanting to show me around (the supermarket, the Vila Velha castle, griffins flying overhead, etc.).  It was great, but I didn't get started working until afternoon (again!).

Started by changing out mote fuses.  Only did 5 of the boxes, since using the soldering iron here without a visor in poor light was difficult.  I'm going to try tonight in my hotel room where lighting is much better.  A visor is in the air shipment that should arrive later this week.

Went to the seatainer, with the thought of pulling tse13's sensors and DSMs.  This turned into an hour-long project to remove most of the upper deck and unpalletize the DSMs.  I think there is pretty good access to almost everything in the seatainer at this point.

Next, assembled everything to go on tse13: 2 DSMs, 7 TRHs with booms, clamps, cables, 2 motes, power supplies & connections (including the weird 24V through 500' of cable and, of course, the rubbermaid jugs), network cables, etc..  Got a scare when the TRHs didn't come up, then realized that the sensors were packed away elsewhere.  Found them and all read about 14C – no wonder I've been chilly working in here!  By now everything is up except the DSM Bluetooth console.  (Using the USB test console module worked fine.)  Have noticed that one of the motes has a yellow (labeled orange) LED (near the middle of the board by RP11) that is solid on when first powered up, but goes away after a power cycle (including pio 7 0/1).  Seems to work when it is on anyway.  Also, the 24->12 DC-DC on the top DSM shut itself off the first time, but now has stayed on for more than an hour.  Scary.  One cute thing is that the GPS's get good reception in the ballroom!  

The DSM assembly took a surprising amount of time, though some of that is the usual finding things in boxes and remembering how everything goes.  I could imagine it going twice as fast in the future (and of course this is just about the hardest tower).  Also, having another pair of hands would have sped things up (wink).

I am bothered by the Bluetooth.  My Mac can connect, though neither the tablet nor my phone could.  Probably a pairing issue, but I had hoped we had figured that out before.

Now leaving the ops center for the day.  Both the INEGI and DTU crowd begin work tomorrow (along with Dan), so things will get busy!

P.S. Light and heat definitely are better in my room, but 91 steps are a lot to do carrying a tub full of motes.  DTU will lend me a tweezers (better than my Swiss Army Knife's) which also should make the mote job easier.